by Prabs

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Prabs, creator of Absolutely Prabulous, an award-winning blog bringing you entertaining and serious observations on mum life, married life, Malta life, midlife and modern life.  I started AbPrab after people described my Facebook posts about parent fails and domestic disasters, as sitcom material that deserved its own dedicated platform. 

A bit about me: I’m a British Asian, a former London-Paris girl and now a beach-lovin’ mum in Malta.  My main achievements include losing any key in my possession, yelling “What do you MEAN you can only find ONE shoe?!” 27 times a day and overthinking almost anything.  (I’m also a master at useless pop trivia, fluent French speaker and skilled procrastinator.)  My biggest fears are running out of vodka and screwing up my 3 kids (in that order) and I wear sunglasses at home so I can’t see the mess. 
I can’t believe I haven’t received a ‘spousal award’ for surviving the loudest snoring for 20 years…and can’t believe I actually did receive an award for this blog. 

In short, if you want a practical guide to parenting and domesticity, erm THIS is not THAT! 
But if you enjoy funny, moving and honest writing about this thing called life, I’m your gal.  So I hope you’ll stick around, read some, feel some and comment some!  (For the juicy stuff  click here.)

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