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Off to London for the MAD Blog Awards Event!

by Prabs
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Oh. My. Goodness, it’s real. The MAD Blog Awards event is here.  Six months and several grey hairs later, the MADs are FINALLY HERE!

I think a bit of pee just came out as I typed that.
Or to put it more accurately, I’m bricking myself over the fact that by Friday night, I’ll know my awards fate and will either be smiling overjoyed with a large glass of bubbles or crying into a gin bottle in the toilets.  Well a bit of candour never hurt anyone right? And it’s certainly one way to start a blog post.

Yep, as I said in my come back post (she said sounding like I’m Madonna returning to the music scene after a hiatus) I’m off to London again for my second blog awards event this year.  So, although I feel a bit flashy doing it, I thought I’d just tip my hat to the MAD Blog Awards event taking place this Friday 16th September, by writing a wee blog postette.  I’ll be dropping the kids off as per usual at school in the morning and then heading for the airport.

Now, I’d clearly love to be a conscientious blogger and whip out my laptop to get on with content writing and/or linky joining, at the departures lounge cafe.  No, honestly, I’d love to. But I have a feeling I’ll need to do my public service duty and help the staff at the bar do a stock take instead…aka have a few stiff drinks to calm the natural disaster that will no doubt be brewing in my belly from nerves.

Obviously, once I land in London, it’ll be all go and I’ll be doing important things like any of the following:

a) spending silly amounts of money on public transport (something I don’t do in Malta)
b) getting stuck on Thameslink again for two hours because of signal failure leading to a family member driving 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere to come rescue me (oh yes indeed this was a special highlight from my #BML16 trip)
c) cursing my bad decision-making when my open toe wedges prove to be no good in London rain.
d) cursing the British weather for in fact NOT being wet, meaning the brolley took up unnecessary space in my case, but instead surprising me with an Indian summer for which I’m woefully under prepared.
e) all of the above.
Actually what I can say for sure is that I’ll be meeting my blog wife Motherhood the Real Deal for a lovely afternoon tea before Friday evening’s proceedings.  Sooooo looking forward to that! Talya, along with Renee of Mummy Tries, managed to get a ticket to attend the awards and frankly I could kiss them both as it cheered me no end when they told me.  Something terribly sad happened last week within my family and frankly, it’s hard to muster up  excitement and not have my mind on that on Friday night so I’m so grateful to two of my best blogging gals for being there.

I’m Particularly Excited at Meeting Fellow Finalists:

the lovely Harps of Baby Brain Memoirs, the hilarious Polly of Right Royal Mother and catching up again with bubbly smiley Detrice Matthews who I didn’t get to chat to much at the BiBs in June.  Tis such a pity that Fi of Beauty Baby and Me and also Tori of The Adultier Adult can’t make it now.
Not being one to avoid the ‘stickier’ questions in life (that’s a total lie…I’m totally an ostrich with her head in the sand), I thought I’d also also a few burning questions

What are my Thoughts on the MADs?

Would I love to win another bit of mantelpiece-adorning ego-boosting decor?
Yes. Of course. I’m only human.

Do I think I stand half a chance of it happening twice in one year?
Nope. It was a minor miracle I got lucky the first time round.  Twice?  [Sad sigh.]

Do I plan to re-enact the dodgy white jeans episode from June?
No! Stop asking silly questions.  Well, alright, I’m asking the questions but let’s not split hairs. In all seriousness, I am a teeeeeeeny bit worried about the dress I’m wearing.  Let’s just say I seem to have developed a gut (I know not how) over the summer holidays.  I definitely didn’t drink much alcohol (tragic I know) or eat much due to the heat.  But I have this horrid mystery tyre around my belly (you know…cos consuming my own body weight in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream during weekend movie night and drinking vanilla iced coffees when the kids were at swim camp clearly had NOTHING to do with it…)  Anyway, the dress is somewhat, well, tight.  I fear I may break a rib or pull a muscle or fall over – or all three – in my attempts to get it on and then extricate myself from it at the end of the night.  And then there are those heels.  I’m no good in heels.  Joy.  Mind you, I hear there’s a bit of a heatwave of sorts going on in Blighty.  So like a total pro (translation: indecisive basket case) I’m taking a spare dress that is better for warmer weather.

Have I been practising my best clapping-for-the-winner pose and fixed smile?
No comment.

Am I wondering what the organisers have in store considering the event goes on for a whopping 4 hours?
Yes. Definitely bursting with curiosity.  And also googling, right this minute, how long the Oscars go on for because I think the MADs has officially trumped them.

Have I Been Trying to Calculate the Odds (Thanks to the Mathematical Probability Chapter in Musical M’s school book) of…me still making it to the stage, thereby having a podium moment of sorts even if I don’t win myself, given that two bloggers have sadly had to drop out of attending and have both asked me to collect their award on their behalf, should they win?

Honestly, WHAT do you take me for?!  I am TOTALLY offended by the suggestion of the implication of the possibility of the theory that this could be even remotely potentially possible on a hypothetical level.

[Stomps off, exiting stage left.]

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Harps September 15, 2016 - 1:56 pm

Can’t wait to meet you too girlfriend! Ps your tummy has nothing on mine and you’re going to look amazing!

Alison (MadHouseMum) September 15, 2016 - 12:12 pm

Have fun, enjoy and I hope you win. Either way, get pissed 🙂 Alison x

Right Royal Mother September 15, 2016 - 7:42 am

OMG – to say I am excited about ’round 2′ (i.e. the opportunity to meet you after the disaster that was NC tumbling downstairs – not in a serious way, thank goodness – and calling an abrupt halt to my BiBs night) is an understatement. It’s going to be a good night. Let’s hope we’re not crying into gin bottles together in the loos at the end of it but if we are, I’m sure we’ll do it in style 😉 See you TOMORROW. xxx

prabs September 18, 2016 - 11:47 pm

I so wish I hadn’t left so quickly but I panicked about getting back to my friends safely. Woke up the next day really regretting not chatting to you more.


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